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The online games industry has grown hugely over the past cover of years, especially in the online tower defense game niche. There are a select few options when it comes to the choiseth in this genre of games. They can be divided into two main sub sections which are normal tower games and defense games, which do no involve the use of towers. Tower Defense games have grown popularity due to game developers building on the key fundamentals which make this genre of gaming so fun and addictive. An example of this creativity is gemcraft, where you must arm your towers with gems. You are also able to combine the gems to create even more power ones to put in your towers. While most tower defense games are in flash, many game developers are now developing TD games in the new html5 games standard.

Another favourite game mong the masses has to be Bloons Tower Defense 5 which is probably the most played TD game of recent times, with it's well known monkey welcomed back into the fold of online gaming. If you want a break from tower defense games, another great type of game you might like to play are war games.This category has a lot of sub genres so there is something for eveyone. Such games include tank war games like battalion nemesis, platformer games like commando and plane games like hostile skies.

Battalion nemesis is a great game if you like turned based strategy war games, such as those found at It's the 1st game in a series of three, so there are a couple of hours of gameplay for you to enjoy. With td games, As well as the changes that have been made in regard to creative gameplay, there are now a wide variety in graphcal style. Like Bubble Shooter Game Deveopers are adding their own unique art style to the tower defense games, whether it be in the form of vector ot bitmap images.Above you will find a selection of online defense games which vary in gameplay and style.

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